FORMULA, a new generation of machines for direct injection processes

Multifunctionality and “Big-Data” are the guidelines of the FORMULA project, the new STEMMA series of machines for direct injection on upper of polyurethane soles

After two years from its launch on the market, the new FORMULA series of machines confirms it great potentiality. It’s not just a simple restyling, but rather a new project created to satisfy the present and future needs of a footwear manufacturing industry undergoing a phase of great transformation.

The belief of Stemma, is that a machine must be able to ensure maximum productive efficiency to today’s market, but also keeping pace with the changes we can expect to see over the next 5, 10, 20 years. It must be able to work and interact with increasingly evolved structures, with which it exchanges and receives instructions and information.

After many years, there was a need for a new design of machines suited to traditional single and double density productions (PU, PU/PU, TPU/PU), as well as for new processes (“in-mould coating”, TPU films, triple density soles), and future ones, which are being tested by leading brands and producers of polyurethane in their research centres.

The innovative mechanics of FORMULA have allowed for larger-sized moulds, while also offering bigger work areas, features essential to ensuring the multifunctionality of the plant. It is thanks to these larger dimensions that FORMULA machines are capable of producing not only footwear, but also clogs, galoshes, and work rainy boots.

The new electronics system was developed to guarantee real-time constant monitoring of the processes and production datas, and to allow the communication with external management and control structures, according to industry 4.0 principles.

The great passion and constant commitment that have always characterised the work of STEMMA in every area, have allowed this small, yet significant, revolution.