A winning “FORMULA”

Four years after its market launch, the success of FORMULA,” automated system for direct injection of polyurethane soles with high production efficiency and versatility, continues with important results worldwide.

23 machines installed in just 4 years. “FORMULA” in a short time has confirmed its potential, enabling new collaborations and the consolidation of those already started.

Important European and Asian brands are choosing FORMULA and polyurethane injection for the production of technical footwear in the safety, outdoor, sports and military sectors, allowing to use, in addition to the traditional single and double density (PU, TPU/PU, PU/PU), new technologies that enhance the aesthetic and functionality of the shoe, such as in-mold coating and “PLUS2” for 3-density soles.

The machine, configured to customer requirements, is available with 18, 24, 30 and 36 stations and can be integrated with an advanced robotic system for shoe preparation and handling, which simplifies work and improves performance.

FORMULA also meets the requirements of Industry 4.0. It allows continuous, real-time monitoring of process and production data, and the exchange of information with external management and control departments, in a fully interconnected system perspective.

macchina di iniezione diretta del poliuretano per la produzione di calzature TPU PU