PU Direct injection on upper

Automatic rotary machine
18 – 24 – 30 – 36 stations

Available in the following configurations:


Formula - polyurethane direct injection on upper machine

A leap forward

FORMULA is the new STEMMA series of machines for direct injection on upper.

A true generational leap, a new project, designed to allow maximum production efficiency for today’s market, but also able to keep pace with the changes we can expect to see over the next 5, 10, 20 years.

Suited for single and double densities productions (PU, PU/PU, TPU/PU) but also for the most innovative processes, like “in-mold coating”, “vacuum film” and 3 densities soles, nowadays more and more required.


Thanks to a new mouldholder, extremely wider with improved movements, FORMULA can be defined as a multifunctional machine, suitable for a full range of footwear production, as well as for clogs, galoshes and polyurethane boots.

SMART plant for shoes manufacturing


An intelligent machine, designed on “Industry 4.0” principles, able to monitor processes, collect and analyse data, for a more efficient organization of the job.

Formula SMART

PU direct injection automatic rotary machine for small productions or samples and for R&D footwear departments.

Available in the configurations:

2 – 4 – 8 stations