PLUS2 technology for shoes with 3-density sole

scarpe tre densita processoEnhancing the sole’s performance by combining the properties of specific materials in order to create shoes boasting an innovative design in which polyurethane integrates with the upper, giving shape to new functional and aesthetic solutions. From these guidelines was developed “PLUS2”, the technology patented by Stemma for the production of footwear with soles injected directly on the upper in three layers or three densities, which is finding specific application in the safety, outdoor, running and military sectors.

The soles are produced by polyurethane double injection combined with pre-molded rubber or TPU treads. Depending on the function of the shoe, the specific areas of the sole are made with specific materials and structures that improve stability, resistance, lightness and cushioning.

An automated, reliable, fast and safe process that stands out for productivity and efficiency that remain almost unchanged compared to those of traditional dual-density production. Thanks to the “PLUS2” technology, triple density shoes are today the leading products in the collections of important brands, making up new generations of highly technical footwear.

A flexible system in the footwear design and engineering, which is marking a trend change, perfect for increasingly specialized and performing shoes.