V.A.R. New system for injection process monitoring

V.A.R. (video assisted report) is the cutting-edge system designed by STEMMA, to monitor polyurethane foaming processes applied to the footwear industry.

VAR is the word used to define the video assistance system used by soccer referees to analyze unclear game situations.

STEMMA has applied the concept to direct injection polyurethane machines, providing a system, able to monitor and analyse the manufacturing processes.

Just like during soccer games, STEMMA’s V.A.R. gives to the technicians of the machine the opportunity to review every injection made and, by using a specific software, immediatly identify deviations from standard values, which may lead to malfunctions or that can indicate the need for maintenance.

The injection process is closely monitored and each parameter is recorded, stored and analyzed by an internal software. Thanks to this technological support, even an inexeperienced operator knows what to do whenever an anomaly in the injection process occurs.

VAR System is integrated in the state-of-the-art STEMMA machines for direct injection of polyurethane soles. It allows to improve efficiency in production and in the organization of the processes.

An innovation developed according to industry 4.0 principles, where the machine is interconnected with the company’s IT system, where the processes are meticulously monitored, datas are stored and constantly analysed and where production is optimized through management and production scheduling software.